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January 2, 2017

I won’t even admit to the amount of Photoshopping it took to make me be okay with sharing this photo.

I have the beautiful ‘million-dollar’ family with two happy, healthy, and beautiful children & a ‘hubby’ who gets mistaken for a famous actor wherever we go.

We live in a gorgeous custom home on a half acre in an upscale neighborhood that we designed & decorated ourselves.

We can afford things like my brand new SUV & going on family vacations to places like Disneyland or Hawaii at least once a year.

And I own my own business, which allows me to be home with the kids almost every day.

Yet here I am, feeling like the imperfect part of an otherwise ‘perfect’ life.

I know I will never be ‘perfect’, but at the moment I feel like I am constantly being judged by others for my weight. When the hubby & I are in public, I can almost hear people’s thoughts of “why is he with her?” while at school pickup I’m surrounded by perfectly dressed women talking about hikes and yoga classes.  Do they know that I used to be super athletic until I tore my ankle to shit in a stupid running incident and that I suffer from chronic knee & hip nerve pain as a result? Nope. At least in my mind, I’m sure they all think I’m lazy. It probably also doesn’t help that as a photographer, the majority of my work is sitting on a computer for hours on end and that I have a severe iron deficiency that makes me tired 99% of the time – I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel exhausted.

Anyways, enough with the excuses. And this might sound cliche, but I figure 2017 is as good as a time as ever to get out of this rut. I also had a few health scares this past year, so it has made me want to become healthier for my kids.

I’ve tried this a few times before, but I figure that the best way to actually make a change is to put myself out there and make a commitment to my followers. I will be posting my progress, successes & failures along the way, mainly on Instagram (so make sure you follow along).

Now, as for my plan. I want to set small goals and make this as attainable as possible. I am not a gym girl, but maybe I will be as time goes on.

Exercise Plan

I am mainly limited to exercise when the kids are at school for the day, or at home when they are in bed for the night since my hubby works away from home. Walking will be my main form of exercise, but I am looking into Yoga, Swimming, and my friend is opening a new Spin Studio this weekend, so I’ll be giving one of her classes a try. I am hoping to get at least 4 workouts in a week.

Meal Plan

This is where I have trouble. I know that 80% of weight loss is in the food you eat, but I am horrible at planning meals for myself when Ty is away & usually end up eating whatever the kids eat. My plan is to prepare a shit ton of single portion meals and stock my freezer full of them. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas, recipes, and shopping lists, so I’ll be hitting up the grocery store tomorrow (or doing an online order tonight to avoid temptations) and then do a couple days of food prep. If I can set myself up with a months worth of food, I will have no excuses.

Personal Plan

I never put myself first, so I need to work on that. I have a few things I want to work on this year, like I really want to take up calligraphy, and I have a few blank walls that are looking for some custom artwork.

I also need to learn to say no. I get stretched so thin with all the meetings I attend, and I tend to volunteer my time as a photographer instead of making any money for my business which isn’t really helpful to my family. I will continue to volunteer, but I need to cut it back because I need to start making more money, whether it’s through this blog or photography, so that my hubby can be home with us more often – because that is what is really important to us.

That’s it for now. I will do another post later this week about my food prep and what I end up making. And I’ll be taking some scary ‘before’ photos, which I know are important to track my progress.

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