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September 2, 2017
My Personal & Business Goals for September 2017

Hello Fall.

Even more than the New Year, I believe September is a great time for a fresh start. The kids are heading back to school which means we’re all settling back into a routine & I have a little more time for me & my business

I wanted to write down my personal & business goals for September so I have them out there somewhere to be accountable. So here I am being accountable to the world.

I’ve struggled over the summer months with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even though I’ve been more active and body-positive than in previous years – I lived in shorts this summer, something I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing even just last year – I just saw a photo of myself taken a few days ago and it made me really sad. I want to get healthier not to lose weight, but to set a good example & be around for my kids.

In contrast, I think I’ve done a pretty good job with my business the last few months since I posted my first Income Report, but there is always room for improvement.

Personal Goals for September

Personal Goals for September

Drink Water

I plan to switch out my diet coke and nightly alcoholic drinks with water. I am usually pretty bad about drinking water, so I’ve downloaded the My Water app to remind me to drink throughout the day. Being realistic, I know I won’t stop drinking altogether, but plan to limit it to a few drinks on special occasions instead of each and every day.

Be Active

Last year I started going to Aquafit during the week while the kids were in school and I absolutely loved it. I haven’t had a chance to go since June, so I’m going to start going at least once a week while it’s still nice and go for walks/hikes the other days, and then add a few more classes once it gets rainy out and I don’t want to be outside. My friend also just opened up a new spin studio in town, so maybe I’ll give that a go

Plan Meals

I am HORRIBLE for remembering to eat breakfast and even worse when it comes to making dinner. I never think ahead and hate cooking.

I really think that meal planning will help me with both of those problems and allow entire family to become healthier. I am going to try and stock my freezer with ready-to-go meals for me to heat up at lunch, and a ton of breakfast smoothies and burritos for my on-the-go mornings.

If anyone has any tips or post on meal planning, please leave them in the comments below!

Get More Sleep

2am is no stranger to me. I am a complete night owl, and have been known to stay up to the wee hours of the morning editing away at my computer. This is fine in the summer when we all sleep, but when we have to be at the school at 7am, it really hurts.

I think setting office hours will help with this so I can focus on getting my work done during the day and then spend time family when they are around in the evenings & make it to bed at a reasonable hour. I used to always stay up until 11pm to watch the evening news, but now I can catch my news online so there is no point. My goal is to be in bed asleep by 11pm, preferably working my way to a 10pm bedtime.

Business Goals For September

Business Goals for September

Manage My Time

I’ve always been bad at managing my time. I’m a procrastinator and I say yes to everything. I need to work on not being so busy.

My first goal is to set ‘office hours’. I’ve been better with my Etsy Shop over the summer by shutting down all non-passive listings from Friday-Sunday and not responding to messages in the evenings or on the weekends – it might lose me some clients, but I’m trying to run it like any other non-online business and I need to set limits. I am hoping to do any in-studio shoots within the set ‘office hours’ while my kids are in school, and limit evening shoots to 1 a week, avoiding weekends if possible.

For the month of September, I’m looking at setting a schedule like this:


7am – Wake up & get dressed in active wear. Get kids up & ready and prep lunches.

8am – Drop kids off at school

8:30am-10amAquafitΒ or Walk/Hike & Resistance Training

10:30am-1:30pm – Office Hours


6:30am – Wake up & get dressed. Get kids up & ready and prep lunches.

7:15-8:15amHead to school to serve breakfast

8:30-9am – Me time

9am-1:30pm – Office Hours. Lunch & walk around the block at noon


2pm – Pick up kids from school & park time

2:30pm-5:00pm – House & Yard Work or After-School Activities

5:30pmish – Dinner time

7:30Β – Bedtime for Kids

8:00 – Adult time

I know I won’t be able to stick to it every day, but using it as an outline is a good place to start.

Don’t Procrastinate

I always give myself two weeks to return edits to my photography clients. It’s nice because the session itself is pretty tiring, but it’s always on the back of my mind that I need to get it done, and then two weeks later I am up late one night until 2am rushing to get it finished.

This goal goes hand-in-hand with my personal goal of getting more sleep, so if I accomplish one I should accomplish both.

Create Content

I’ve been working hard over the summer creating content for the blog, and I need to continue on that path. My most popular posts are my DIY ones, so I really want to focus on those and create at least two more for the month of September.

My seasonal posts also give me a numbers boost, so I need to get some more out there! I made one yesterday for Back-to-School, and I want to have a Thanksgiving post ready to go by mid-month (since Thanksgiving happens in early October here in Canada) and have a Halloween post ready to go before the end of the month.




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