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July 19, 2017
How Grocery Shopping Online Saves you Time & Money - and Can Help You Lose Weight!

I LOVE shopping online, there are so many more options and you can usually find way better deals than in person.

I live in a rural area, so the store I typically use doesn’t deliver – they actually only started offering online shopping about 6 months ago. I live 10 minutes outside of town, so I typically make up my order the night before and pick it up the next morning. Some other stores do deliver (which is amazing), and I’m just itching for a service like this to come to my area.

Doing my grocery shopping online has saved me so much time and money, and has actually helped with managing my weight!

Here is why I think you should give Online Grocery Shopping a Try:

Meal Planning

I don’t know about you, but I used to be horrible at meal planning. I would just show up at the store without a plan, and buy things here or there and end up having to come back a few days later.

If you sit down at the computer to do your shopping, it’s so much easier to go over your meals for the week and look up healthy recipes online (Pinterest has changed my life). It doesn’t hurt that you can run to the kitchen and double check that you haven’t run out of anything important.

No Temptations

Who has bought something they shouldn’t have because they were shopping hungry? Slowly raises hand

Who can walk by a deals like 3 bags of chips for $5? I know I can’t.Β 

If you shop online, it practically erases those temptations. Sure, the deals are still in your face, but seeing a tiny photo of a bag of M&M’s isn’t as tempting as seeing it in person, especially when you won’t get to enjoy it until the next day.

Extra time to work on me

I used to drop my kids off for school and head straight into town to do my weekly grocery shop. Now I drop my kids off at school and head into town to hit the gym or pool for an extra hour a week, then swing by the pickup bays to grab my order. I usually do my online order the night before when my kids are in bed and I’m doing something mindless like surfing Facebook or watching the Bachelor, and it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.


It’s much easier to comparison shop when everything is in one place and you can sort items by price & rating. Also, most shops have a flyer section where they highlight their weekly specials, coupon codes you can add to your cart, or loyalty programs.

Learn your Habits

When I order stuff online through the store I use, it keeps track of my previous orders. It then uses these orders to remind me what I have purchased before and makes it simple to reorder our family favorites.

Automatic Shipments

Now I haven’t used this option before, but I know other moms who have. It is AMAZING for new moms who have a hard time leaving the house and have a lot on their plate.

My favorite is Amazon’s diaper subscription option, especially because you get 20% off diapers as an Amazon Prime member. Why wasn’t this around when I had babies??!

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