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March 4, 2015
Scrapbook Paper Bunting Tutorial

Scrapbook Paper Bunting Tutorial

This tutorial is adapted from an original post on my photography website

I use these flags/banners/bunting quite often in my photography set-ups, but they are also perfect for party decorations or to hang in your child’s room. Since these ones are made of scrapbook paper instead of fabric, they literally take me under 20 minutes to make and I can afford to throw a new one together for every shoot!

1 – 4 or more sheets of scrapbook paper or card-stock. Can be solid colours or patterned, but there should be a cohesive colour scheme.
2 – A hot glue gun & extra glue sticks
4 – Ribbon, string, or Natural Jute Twine (my favourite).
Step 1 – Fold paper in half diagonally.
Step 2 – Take one corner and fold the point over the other side so that it makes an evenly shaped triangle to the size of your liking. Depending on the size of your triangle, each sheet of paper should produce 2 or 4 flags.
Step 3 – Unfold paper to reveal lines.
Step 4 – Cut along lines & viola – you have a flag!
Step 5 – (Optional) If you have a piece of paper with lines, it looks best if you make them hang vertically so the folding method won’t work. Take an already cut flag and trace it on the paper for best results.
Step 6 – Line up the flags in the order you want them on the banner. Cut a length of string or ribbon to the size you want your bunting to be – make sure to account for hang and have enough extra to tie it up.
Step 7 – Flip flags over and run a line of glue along the top of the flags with the glue gun. Place the ribbon on the strip of glue and apply pressure – but make sure not to burn your fingers!
Step 8 – Continue gluing flags along the ribbon corner-to-corner until they are all attached. You now have a beautiful bunting!

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