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September 26, 2017
How I Get Over 600,000 Monthly Views on Pinterest

So first off, I am going to be up front and let you know that I actually have two Pinterest accounts. Combined, they get me over 640,000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

Brynnstone Studios ( is the account I run for my photography business, and it’s also the one I generally use as my personal account. My most popular boards are filled with pins featuring tattoos, humour and home decor – so nothing really relevant to my photography. This account has about 4,500 Followers and gets 200,000+ Avg. Monthly Viewers.

Humanist Home ( Is the account I run for this blog. It is a newer account and I have only had it up and running for about a year now. It has fewer followers at just under 1k, but gets an amazing 430,000+ Avg. Monthly Viewers. 

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Here are my stats for Humanist Home Pinterest account last month:

400,000+ Avg Monthly Viewers on Pinterest
And here are the stats for my Brynnstone Studios Pinterest account:

200,000+ Avg Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

Followers ≠ Viewers

In the world of Pinterest, Viewers are more valuable than Followers.

However, this was not always the case. When Pinterest first started up, the majority of pins you saw in your main feed were from accounts you followed, and then it was padded with pins from categories of interest you selected when you first created your account.

Since then, Pinterest has developed complicated algorithms to show you pins that it thinks you will like based on your pinning habits, with some promoted pins and a few from the accounts you follow thrown in for good measure.

So what does this mean?

Well, what I’ve discovered is that you don’t need a ton of followers to be popular or go ‘viral’ on Pinterest. I really don’t try too hard to get new followers, although a few trickle in every day. The reason my photography account has so many is because I was an early adopter of Pinterest.

The numbers you should really should be looking to improve are your Avg. Monthly Viewers & Avg. Monthly Engaged.

How do I get More Viewers?

Organize Your Pins & Boards

Your board titles should make it very clear as to what the content is. I use the template of “Category || Description” such as Home || DIY Home Decor or Style || Kid Fashion. Check out how I organize my boards here.

Don’t be afraid of making too many boards. It’s much better to have a ton of boards, each with their own distinct topic than a few messy, overpopulated boards without a clear theme. Sure, a general board about ‘Kids’ might make sense to you, but if someone is interested in Crafts for Kids but doesn’t care about Bedroom Decor or Kid Style, they won’t follow your board or spend the time digging through it for any relevant pins to save.

Also, make sure to go into the ‘Settings’ of each board to properly set the category and write a description. If you don’t do this, it will be hard for Pinterest to suggest your pins or boards in their algorithms.

Optimize Your Content

Make sure that your blog has a link to your Pinterest profile & that you’ve installed a plugin for images to be Pinned. The easier you make it for folks to pin your content, the less work you have to do.

Images on your blog should be optimized for Pinterest, meaning they should be taller than they are wide & have proper descriptions and alt text. It might seem tedious at the beginning, but doing the work up front makes all the difference in the world.

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Pin, Pin, and Pin Some More!

Pinterest LOVES active pinners. The more you pin, the more they will promote your content.

It doesn’t work to just pin your own content, you have to pin other stuff as well. I often head over to the Popular category and pin a bunch of things from there, because if it’s popular already, chances are that other people will pin it from you. I aim to pin 10 or more pins from others for every 1 pin I source from my blog.

Make sure to follow other pinners and boards that have content you are interested in, a lot of folks will follow you back or check out your profile just because you obviously have something in common.

Join Group Boards

If you are looking to get more views, a great place to start is to join some boards that already have high viewership & re-pin rates.

The first thing I did when I started up my new account was to invite myself to pin on all of my boards from my original account that I thought would be relevant to this blog. This immediately created viewership and basically doubled my audience.

Although it might seem time consuming, if you are a blogger, you might want to consider running two Pinterest accounts. It helps to cross-promote your content on multiple accounts and reach more viewers, or you can try different pinning strategies on each and see which works better for you. Personally, I have my computer logged into my blog Pinterest account, and my phone logged into my personal Pinterest account, but do what works best for you.

Use Boardbooster’s Group Board tool to find some group boards to join. Request to join any boards that you think are relevant to what you are pinning about.

Chances are, most group administrators won’t respond to requests right away if at all, and a lot of the most popular group boards aren’t open to new contributors. Other groups have rules as to who can join based on content or followers, so don’t be shy – it doesn’t hurt to ask to join as many as possible. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back, just find some other ones to join.

If you can’t find any boards to join, I currently have a bunch of my group boards open for new members to join as contributors and we’d love to have you! Head over to my profile to follow me, and then leave me a comment on the Add Me board as to which boards you want to join!

IMPORTANT: Once you have been accepted to a group board, make sure you follow the rulesdon’t be a spammer! Not following the rules will get you kicked out, and no one likes someone who spams the same board with the same content every day.

Consider Using a Scheduler

One of the main reasons I have my blog account logged in on the computer most of the time is so that I can schedule pins and manage my accounts using Tailwind and Boardbooster.

Tailwind is a tool that I have just recently started using, and I am loving how easy it makes it for me to schedule my content. It becomes really handy once you are on a bunch of group boards and want to pin the same content to multiple places. This allows you to spread your pins over hours or days so you don’t seem too spammy.

Once your account has a decent amount of content, Boardbooster has a few different tools available to create campaigns to source, loop & schedule pins.

Boardbooster lets you create campaigns to source pins from popular boards & to schedule the posting of your content to multiple group boards. Looping allows you to re-pin older content from your boards that your new followers may not have seen.

Both Boardbooster and Tailwind have free trials, so sign up and check them out!

Join Some Tribes

Tribes are a new concept when it comes to Pinterest. Basically they are groups of bloggers with similar interests who cross-promote each other’s pins.

Tailwind has been using Tribes for a little while now, and it is my favorite tool on their site. Each tribe has their own rules, but usually for every pin you post in a tribe, you have to pin content from other members. It’s like group boards, but the chances of your content being seen and pinned is higher because everyone has the same goal – to share their content.

I just noticed yesterday that Boardbooster is starting to use tribes as well. I created a bunch of them to give it a go, so if you want to join my Boardbooster tribes, leave me a note in the comments and I’ll send you an invite!

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